Sunday, February 13, 2005

Going In Circles
copyright Pat Dolan


Woofwoof said...

Beautiful painting. Thanks for sharing.

Gerrie said...

Love this. Was it done with free motion machine quilting?

Karoda said...

Welcome Pat to the Artful Quilters Web Ring...I love this piece.

arlee said...

Is that stitching on a dissolvable?? It's GORGEOUS! Love the negative spaces and the holes!! (Are they actual holes?)

Pat's Place said...

Thank you all!

Gerrie: yes, it was all done with color threads in free-motion machine quilting.

Arlee: No dissolvable...and no holes, although I entertained that notion for awhile. Then I realized that different hanging situations would create different "colored" holes, so decided the black would be best.

This quilt began as a whole cloth with the tiny circular quilting in lots of varied threads. When I first thought it was done, the large black spaces were just too much negative space.

Eventually, I got brave & cut out the largest of the black holes & reverse appliqued some hand & commercially dyed fabrics. And then, of course, they needed to be quilted... and then somehow or other metallic foil just HAD to go on it, too!

This quilt was in the 2004 Ft. Washington, PA Mancusco show.