Saturday, April 02, 2005

April Showers!

Well, it's lots more than "showers" here and elsewhere on the North Central and East Coastal states this weekend. We've been fortunate here in central Jersey with only an inch and a half of rain in the past 24 hours. Some places in the state have upwards of 5" so flooding is a major problem. The gale force winds were something to experience, as well!
But spring is here, the crocus are up and many species of birds are back for the next few seasons. I've been playing with my new Panasonic Luminex FZ20 camera and taking photos from my dining room through the window & screen of those birds visiting my suet feeder. I'll post them here for your enjoyment.
Meanwhile, I've been invited to join a sub-group of SAQA called Fiber Revolution. There are 30 members from six area states that work together to create exhibits in all 6 states. All are vibrant art quilters, many work in an abstract and/or geometric manner, others are very painterly, some are more realistic, some tell stories with their work, some use computer generated images, many dye and print their own fabrics, and all design all their own work.
It is an honor to join this group of professional artists. I can hardly wait to unleash all that creativity I've been sitting on because I saw no reason to complete more work when the work simply ends up in storage. Now there are exhibition opportunities, places to share my work with others, and opportunities to meet other artists and explore new ideas together. It's been a wonderful week!

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Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Congrats on the new group Pat. Your work is definitely terrific. Thanks so much for sharing it.