Tuesday, June 21, 2005

One Longstanding UFO Completed!

The little piece above has been around for two+ years and I've never quite had the time or interest to complete it. It was a fun piece to make - trying several different weights/brands of threads with my circular machine quilting. The addition of a gently folded strip of gorgeous silk made it really interesting, but not done. I added some foiling, but still wasn't satisfied. I saw the potential... just never made it a priority. After all, it began as a mini-sampler and still was very "mini." So it was put in the UFO pile for a later day. Now, since I've been confined to sitting much of the time, it has become the "later day" for this quiltlet! All my beads were out and it seemed a good idea to spark this little gem up with some beading. It was a stroke of mini-genious to sew on a string of beads to the edging of the silk in that one spot on the lower left. The little mirror worked well. The colors of beads harmonized with the shifting colors in the silk. And, it was easy, it was fun. And now it's DONE!!!