Wednesday, June 08, 2005

R + R

It's a hot summer day but I'm inside enjoying the blessings of air conditioning. Actually, I'm virtually house-bound so I may as well enjoy it! As a 'mover, goer, doer,' rest and relaxation are almost punitive - at least until one decides to simply BE with what is. The knee constantly reminds me that I've over-done and I must rest. So I have an instant pain-scale that monitors my willingness to rest and my restlessness, as well.

There are all sorts of projects almost within reach that I could throw myself into... Yet I am not. Another thing about pain, it's very exhausting! I'm now rather careful about what I consider spending my precious energy on doing. I COULD sew the binding on one of my quilts, or work on the free-standing butterfly that will be attached to it. I COULD work on my silk scarf - or not. I can read, spend short spurts of time/energy on the computer, nap, and draw in my journal - and I do. These few things I do.

Meanwhile, I was to have had 6 quilts in the State Quilt Guild of NJ show scheduled June 9-11, but it was not to be. Two of the 6 were sold to FabriQuilt at the Kansas Quilt Market. And the remaining 4 I could not get to the drop-off point so they sit here in pillow cases...waiting to be put back in the quilt drawers for another time. Am I disappointed? A little, perhaps - but not as much as I would have thought. It's OK. I'll miss the show and that's OK, too. Right now, resting seems like the best option. There will be time enough for other shows, other quilts, other festivities.

And now it's time to rest...again!

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