Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Happy Dancing in NJ Tonight!!!


It's a banner day today - I received a letter from Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center (Auburn, NY) that one of my quilts, "Grandma's Cookies," has been accepted by jury into the annual Quilts=Art=Quilts Exhibition scheduled for November 5 - January 8!!! This little quilt has photo transfers of my grandfather's old photographs from the very early 1900's of my grandmother & my mother. There are also photos of my sister, my best friend from HS + College with me, plus old postcards (grandpa was a postman), and the cookie recipe. Dangling from the quilt are buttons from Grandma's button box...

detail GRANDMA'S COOKIES c2005 Pat Dolan

And then I got an e-mail from Virginia Speigel telling me that the newest edition of CLOTH, PAPER, + SCISSORS magazine has an article about her American Cancer Society on-line + Houston Quilt Show fundraising event - with 3 postcards from Karey Bresenhan' collection gracing the 2.5 page article. The postcards featured were by Virginia (who literally made HUNDREDS of postcards for that event), Gerrie Cogdon from our QuiltArt membership, and myself!!!

OWL 4x6" cPat Dolan - from the Collection of Karey Bresenhan

Now if I could just get around to completing the FabriQuilt quilt for Quilt Market due to be mailed out by the end of this week, I'll really be flying high! And I was going to enter something in the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine's challenge re: vintage fabrics...that deadline is Friday, too, I think........


mary m. said...


CONGRATULATIONS!! Was Grandma's Cookies the quilt I saw? I'm not surprised it got in...it is awesome. I'll have to get the next version of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Your work is inspiring!

Karoda said...

The Grandma's Cookies is wonderful!!! Congratulations on being accepted into the show and the magazine!!!! It is so wonderful to blog with such famous people :)

Gerrie said...

Congratulations on both counts, Pat. I can't wait to see our work in print. I need to buy several copies!!

The Scheinfurth is near my home in upstate NY and I would love to have something there. This year I didn't have anything available that fit the size requirements.

Caitlin O'Connor said...

CONGRATS!! Grandma's Cookies is so beautifully layered and intriguing - I'm so thrilled for you that it's in such a good show! AND WOW - you know, I loved loved loved that Owl postcard - how wonderful that it's going to be published! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!