Friday, October 28, 2005

Journal Quilts 2005

JANUARY 2005 - cPat Dolan A blustery, cold, wintry month. Hand-painted sheer fabric, Angelina Fibers, spun fiberglass, wool roving, cording, machine quilting, and beading.

Now that the International Quilt Festival in Houston is in full swing, we have permission to share our 2005 Journal Quilts with others. One requirement of the yearly Journal exhibition is that the 8 1/2" x 11" format quilts not be shown to anyone until after the Quilt Fest opens. So, today I will publish the photos of my quilts from January through May. Over the weekend, I'll put up the photos of June through September.

FEBRUARY 2005 - cPat Dolan March in the "I Love New York" city - the Big Apple with orange for the historic Gates Exhibition, on hand-painted sheer fabric, and bunched blue-purple blended silk for textural effects.

MARCH 2005 - cPat Dolan Another bitterly cold, very windy month - hand-painted sheer fabric with Angelina Fibers, machine quilting, and beading.

APRIL 2005 - cPat Dolan Winter disolved gradually into spring and the crocus bloomed riotously. Painted sheer fabric placed over various fibers, crocus free-form machine stitched, machine quilted.

MAY 2005 - cPat Dolan May revealed the Mocassin Flower AKA the Ladies Slipper. I took the photo in Pennsylvania, printed it on fabric, and machine quilted the piece.


Micki said...

Pat, these are just wonderful. Your work always amazes me.

Deb R said...

Beautiful work, Pat!

mary m. said...

Hope I get to see them in person someday...they are wonderful....

Gerrie said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!