Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Work

cPat Dolan 2005
In preparing for the exhibition, "Nearness of You: Memory and Commemoration in Quiltmaking" curated by Keisha Roberts for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XVII (Feb. 2006 - click on title above to go to the website for more info), I've been working with old photographs to create a new quilt. Several weeks ago I posted some of the photos I'd been scanning for this purpose - most of the photos were taken by my grandfather (1881-1972)and record much of my maternal family history. I've made 11 small pieces that I will be putting together in one quilt. Here are some of the mini-quiltlets following the printing process, the transparency printing, and the quilting. They will all be mounted together to make one larger quilt.

Here are some of the men from my mom's side of the family... cPat Dolan 2005

I call this one "Recipes" - for obvious reasons! They were scanned in from my maternal grandmother's hand-made cookbook and were some of her favorites.nsparency transfers, and machine quilting. cPat Dolan 2005


mary m. said...


I love the way you echoed the tires of the cars in your quilting... and lemon pudding! Yum. These quilt(lets) are so personal and fascinating. Good luck and drive carefully up to New England...

I haven't posted for a while because I'm quilting and beading "Capitulation Room".

Micki said...

what a lovely way to memorialize your family history.

mary m. said...


What's going on? How was your trip?

Elle said...

I love these and they are beautiful. What a great way to honor your family. I am about to start experimenting with image transfers myself. I am so excited.