Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm Back!

I've had bronchitis for the past two weeks or so and am finally getting back some of my strength + joy de vivre! Deadlines have been creeping up so much of the past 24 hours was spent in finding photos, filling out appropriate forms, creating artist statements, writing out checks, blah, blah, blah, and getting things to the post office in hopes of meeting the deadlines. Such is life!

But today I went on an outing and I now understand why so many quilt artists create quilts with fish, coral, and all sorts of things underwater. My visit to the Jenkins Aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ was a total escape from routine living. I never go to the shore during the "in" season since I hate crowds and am allergic to the sun. But going to the shore in the "off" season is delightful, although sometimes rather intemperate... Today was cloudy but there was little wind, so walking the boardwalk was good, refreshing, and envigorating.

As to the Aquarium, despite having to navigate around several busloads of elementary school kids, piles of strollers, and lots of squeals of delight, I was able to immerse myself in a facsimile of the south seas and it was marvelous. The colors, of course, are the first thing to strike a person as they see all those almost neon colored fish swimming around with gay abandon (or trapped frenzy, depending upon one's take on the situation). The next thing to capture my attention was the coral - my goodness, but what marvelous textures abound underwater! Snorkeling must be one great adventure after another...

This tank was lit with a 'black light.'

For the best viewing, click on each photo and you'll have an enlarged image - all the better to see. Enjoy! I certainly did.


gerrie said...

Oh, wow! Of course I loved these photos. So happy you are feeling better!!

Pat's Place said...

Yes, of course you do! I just saw your lovely fish quilt on your blog!

mary m. said...


So glad you are feeling better...and hoping the shoulder makes a speedy recovery, too.

When I lived in Point Pleasant, that boardwalk was a godsend for Kacy's colic...bumping over the slats in her carriage just lulled her to sleep. I have the entire length of the boardwalk imprinted in my heart.