Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up???

This is an age-old question – as old an age as a person is whenever they are asked – and including all the other times and ages they have been whenever they have been asked!

Here I am, having officially “retired” from teaching and having all the time in the world at my disposal… well, the time in between physical therapy, doctor visits, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, gardening, art projects, and the computer with all its attendant time-consuming tasks. People ask me, “So, what DO you do all day?” Most presume I do nothing but sleep late every morning, spend the day sit around eating bonbons and reading romance novels prior to rousing myself to cook dinner for Frank when he gets home from his “real” job.

I hardly need to describe the daily responsibilities of a home-maker, housewife, or retiree. The fact is, most retirees I’ve spoken with all say they are busier now than they ever were when they were working. They have found a whole world of new things to do, a wide variety of activities, volunteer work, sports, social stuff and more. But I’m not looking to fill up my social calendar with “things to do.” I’ve had more than enough lists with that title to last me a life-time.

What I really want to do is to dream up my future… It is said that there are three types of power with which we bargain for all our needs, and they are: money, energy, and time. As a retiree, time stretches out before me in abundance. Energy is in somewhat lesser supply, but I have plenty enough to fill my wants and needs – usually, anyway! Money is also in adequate supply, at least for the present moment.

So that brings me back to “what do I want to do with all this precious power at my disposal in the form of time/energy/money?”

To be continued...

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Gerrie said...

You have sruck a chord with me. Especially since our move to Portland. Our first retirement in California found us volunteering for everything we could and we got so busy and tired that we often wondered how we got there. So we are reinventing our retirement here. We want to do some "good", but we also want time for our own creativity.