Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm Almost Ready...

Tomorrow is the big day for hanging the Eclectic Quilters "Eye of the Needle/Eye of the Artist" artquilt exhibit, which is one of the special exhibits at the NJ Quilt Convention open Thursday - Saturday, 10am-5pm each day. My car is loaded with all the art which is properly wrapped in cloth and plastic. (It's been raining nearly every day for a week or more, with no let up in sight, as of yet!) There are two step stools, plastic drop cloths for the floor (all the better to arrange the display prior to hanging it), extra hanging rods (just in case we need them), our signs, wire for hanging things the right height from the pipes (it's a pipe & drape show), wire cutters, tape, scissors, name tags, and anything else I could think of that I might possibly need for this adventure. We're meeting at the NJ Convention & Expo Center at 11am - and I'm hoping we are done by 3pm so we can be a bit ahead of the rush hour traffic as we head home.

If anyone is coming to the show, be sure to say "hello" as I'll be there nearly full time to meet, greet, and answer questions about the art.

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mary m. said...


I came home with a pair of your scissors in my pants pocket...I'll bring them on Friday.