Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Our Art Show

Here are some photos from our Eclectic Quilters "Eye of the Needle/Eye of the Artist" special exhibit at the NJ Quilt Convention, which opens tomorrow.
Betsy Fram:

Marlene Reasoner:

Melitta VanderBrooke:

Colleen Bell: 3 jackets

Carole Allison:

Henrietta Curtis:

Mary Manahan:

Trina Weller:

Pat Dolan:

I had GREAT helpers today: Mary, Melitta, Trina, and Kevan Rupp Lunney (who did not have anything to contribute to our show at this time, but was a willing helper and a bringer of lunch!). And Carole was a big help, too, by making all our signs. Click on the photos above for a closer look!

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Gerrie said...

Thank you, thank you. Wow! Mary's quilts look wonderful hanging there.