Saturday, September 16, 2006

Journal Quilt Project 2006 - The Four That Stayed Home

January 2006 - "Serendipity" (c)Pat Dolan $100

The last two days were spent preparing the selected five (out of nine completed) 2006 Journal Quilts for their trip to Houston. Who knew it would take so long to label each quilt, make the sleeve, attach them to the sleeve, label the sleeve, copy the jpegs to a CD, find the right box, etc.??? (You'd think I'd remember from LAST year, wouldn't you...) But finally the box is complete, sealed, labeled and ready to take to the USPS on Monday morning. Last year at this time many of us worried about whether or not our quilts might get lost in the Katrina postal shuffle. As far as I know, all journal quilts arrived on time and in A-OK condition.

"Serendipity," above, was made by combining hand crochet and crewel work with hand and machine quilting on my painted chiffon. I didn't select it to be one of the "big five" because it did not stretch me to try something out of my comfort zone.

Below: March 2006 - "Depression"(c)Pat Dolan

March did not go to Houston because it was so depressing, depressive, and extremely simplistic... However it is an appropriate representation of my creativity that month.

May 2006 - "Spring Bubbles" (c)Pat Dolan $60

This is from some marbled fabric that I made several years ago but didn't use until this year. I never quite knew what to do with it - but free-machine quilting it was lots of fun. It was a large piece which I cut up into 10 or so postcards for Virginia Spiegel's FAFC. The remainder became "May 2006 - Spring Bubbles." May stayed home for the same reason January stayed home. Not nearly as stretching and/or creative as it might have been.

June 2006 - "White Weddings + Such" (c)Pat Dolan $100

June stayed home because it was all white and would not represent well visually in Houston. I did stretch myself for this one - maintaining a monochromatic color scheme; gathering/pleating/puckering the organza; adding lace from my high school graduation gown; adding a doll house decorative floral emblem; and finally adding the candle ring - that's the silver bauble on the right. There is a small white feather in the lower left corner, some crystals and some beads. This one was lots of fun - as were most of the 5 I sent to Houston.

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Micki said...

I like the June piece the best, followed by January.