Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Progress with Vasalisa

Baba Yaga is now complete - not the best quilt I've ever made, sad to say, but adequate. The design, at least, is very strong!

Yesterday: Vasalisa

Planning the skirt and arm in detail. Color coding pieces prior to fusing.

Below, the dress fabric is auditioned against the black background (which symbolizes the "dark forest" where Vasalisa must go to meet Baba Yaga and obtain from her the fire). Without the arm and doll this would be a drab quilt indeed. Let's hope it is enlivened with the addition of the arm and doll inside the slightly opaque (chiffon or netting) pocket.

The plan for the outer border is to use the same fabric that is used for a border in Baba Yaga - but the reverse side, which is all silver...

Today: Fused skirt pieces together and fused to background. Border is laying along side so I can see how it will look.

Below: Fused arm - here it is simply lying on the skirt and background.

The arm and hand must be quilted prior to fusing to the background - partly because the hand will be free-standing from the background so as to hold the wooden doll.

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Gerrie said...

Wow! This is quite a technical feat. Look forward to seeing the final work.