Friday, November 03, 2006

Rusting Fabric continued...

Here are the latest photos of the rusting fabric process. I've found it has taken longer than anticipated to achieve the depth of color I desire so every few days I have taken the obects off the fabrics, changed the positions of the fabric, spritzed them with straight vinegar (as Karen Stiehl Osborn so kindly suggested)and then rearranged different rusting objects on the fabrics. It's a lesson or two for me in patience, to be sure! It takes mother nature time to achieve results... Notice that I've also layered the fabric in some cases, placing the rusty object between two pieces of fabric as well as on top of the top layer - in my attempt to hurry the process, of course.

And, just because it's a gorgeous fall day, here's our Red Maple in flaming color.

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