Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Flood Photos

The laundry room - shelves above the washer/dryer...which deflected the water from flying everywhere!
(Warning - these photos can be enlarged, but they are very large files. Next time I'll reduce them as I upload. Sorry.)

Frank's office - next to the laundry room...

Frank's office - after carpet removal & removal of sheet rock on lower 6" of walls - still soaking wet...

The entry hall - with parquet flooring no longer an inch deep in water...

The studio, next to the entry...soaked carpet, wall on left, parquet floor, dampened everything else.

The emptied dining room with wallboard removed from lower 8" - the ceiling was also removed on one half of the room. Water was leaking from the TV room above, through the light fixtures and the rest of the area.

Doll house furniture - soaked...

The garage with structural damage.

The "Italian Stallion" dumpster in the driveway along with the two Pack Rat storage pods decorating our driveway & nearby parking spaces. The pods will move out tomorrow. The dumpster will continue to collect more refuse.

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LoieJ said...

I'm sure glad you are keeping your sense of humor. It is just "stuff" but it is your life as well. I know that when people have had fires, they often gain an appreciation that wasn't there before.

When we go on a trip, I think I'll shut off the water to the washer. I've heard that those hoses get old and frail.