Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bird Sightings

These have been my morning visitors on this warm, humid, spring-like day in February.

This is a Carolina Wren - who regularly comes visiting. Last spring we found them nesting inside our grill! They are generally bug eaters, but this one even goes to our hanging feeder for seeds when the ground is frozen. Wrens are on the small side, with the Carolina Wren measuring 5 1/2 inches in length.

Below is the photo without the black background - I find the grill less lovely than the black/brown background. What do you think?

This is a female Common Eastern Flicker. I see her much less frequently. These birds are also bug-eaters. Here she is digging in the soft soil for worms and/or bugs. As you can see, she has a long, stout bill for digging in trees as well as soil. They are rather large, being of the woodpecker family. She's about 11 0r 12 inches long.

Here, she's looking skyward, just in case the Red Tail Hawk is in the vicinity...


Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Pat we had a pair of Carolina Wrens start nesting in our garage about five years ago. Don't they sing amazingly loud for such a little bird. The pair came back for several years, nesting in the same place in garage. This is the second year we've only see the male. I grieve for him a little bit every time I see him.

Vicki W said...

Those are fantastic photos! We have wrens and flickers here too. We put peanut butter on the side of the tree. The wrens really like that!