Friday, April 18, 2008

Planning Our New Home...

We're down to less than three weeks to our move and time is slipping through our fingers like the proverbial sand! It's not that we're overly busy, but we're steadily occupied with all sorts of minor details.

Frank still has 8 days of work to go. His retirement party is next Wednesday - it ought to be lots of fun since I'm confident that he'll entertain the crowd by singing various and sundry Irish folk songs! He's also planning to give out various items (work related or symbolic of work in some way) to a few people. The gal in charge says that there won't be any "roasting" of Frank because no one has any "dirt" on him! He's known as Straight Arrow, among other things like the Priest, Monk, Confessor... Frank will do some roasting of his own with his little hand-outs. This weekend I'm making a priestly stole for the department secretary - she'll inherit the Confessor image and a garment to prove it! I'll photograph it and post it once it's done.

Meanwhile, our mold issue remains unresolved for the moment. We expect it to be all cleared up by Tuesday - not the mold, but the issue! We want the remediation to be done after we move out so it doesn't contaminate any of our belongings in the process.

So now I'm trying to imagine where our furniture is going to go in the new house. There's a fun website for Jordan's Furniture with a room planner that I've been using as a template for the furniture arrangements in various rooms. Here's a sampling of the layouts:




On another front entirely, here is a photo of our youngest grandchild who happens to be in Inner Mongolia this month and was in the Gobi Desert the other day.

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Alyssa Jean said...

hahahah it's my camel, who I named Henry. :D