Friday, July 18, 2008

Full Moon - Red Moon

These photos were taken around 10:15 tonight and I have not tampered with them in any way in Photoshop or anywhere else. The moon was already one quarter the way up into the sky, higher than when the normal atmospheric effects cause the moon to look yellow, gold, or orange - as well as larger than it appears when it's high in the sky. I've never seen the moon look this red before. I believe the "red" appearance is the effect caused by dust and water particles in the air. It's been hot, hazy & humid here in central PA providing ample moisture - and there's a bit of fog tonight following a short rain shower. In any case, it's an eerie sight.


deborah said...

Magnificent, in its way.

If the color is caused by contaminants,at least in part, there may be more of the Crayola moons ahead. I hope the world will learn to take care of itself.

Anonymous said...

Hi there... i am so glad you captured this fantastic sight. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and I was playing softball last night when I noticed the moon. I was so mezmerized by the beauty, but didn't have my camera with me. Thank you for sharing your photos.
Cindy Ryan

Pat's Place said...

We had 4 evenings of the red moon and it was a wonderful sight to see. I had thought it was a local phenomenon until Cindy Ryan wrote that she witnessed it in Nova Scotia the same night I posted. Amazing! And magnificent, as Deborah said. Her naming the colorful moons as "Crayola moons" was delightful.

As to the world taking care of itself, Mother Nature always does. She's an expert in balancing things. The Earth will survive and evolve despite what humans do. Humans, however, may or may not survive... And that, too, will be evidence of evolution at work. Or so it seems to me.

Alyssa Jean said...

its so pretty. it's been orange here, not so dark though. gorgeous pictures though. I have to send you the sun pictures i have from the plane on the way home last week. they're amazing.