Thursday, October 16, 2008


For more information on Quilts=Art=Quilts at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, NY, check here for their website news release. I'm delighted to have my work exhibited with the other artists on their list. According to the website,
In 2008, 215 artists submitted 367 quilts for consideration. Our jurors selected 87 quilts by 68 artists for the exhibition.
While I have no plans at this time to visit attend, it certainly looks from their photographs as though it will be an impressive exhibition!

Here is a detail image of the quilting on "RED RIBBONS" - the full image can be seen here on my website as well as in a previous post.

Meanwhile, I've taken an older piece and cut it up. It was entitled: LIFE CYCLE that depicted the life cycle of the butterfly in all of its stages. However, the composition is poor, the contrast minimal, and the life cycle nearly impossible to see.

SO I cut it up and am making it into 2 long, slender panels; 1 6" square; and 6 4x6" art pieces. This is what it looks like cut apart and rearranged...only 2 4x6" pieces are completed, the rest will require additional work prior to finishing the edges for display.
The original quilt was a lot of fun to make - I experimented with all sorts of things that I had never done before. There are thin strips of a wide variety of fabrics overlaid on a dark purple background. Then a variety of yarns and other fibers were laid on top, followed by Dazzle(R) and Angelina Fibers(R). Over this collage of fibers is a layer of thin dark pink tulle that I pinned down and then simply stitched in random, flowing lines. Over that sandwich are ruffled fabrics; purchased fiber hydrangea leaves + petals; more yarn/string; organza; a silk cocoon; and various beads. The resulting piece was overdone, in my opinion and rarely left the house to be seen by others! Cut apart, I like the compositions of the two slender pieces, as well as the squared butterfly. The artcards will all turn out well because they are small and I can create better compositions with them - or so I hope! The artcards are mounted on foam core.

The one below is entitled: FLORAL 4X6" $35.00/includes postage

And this is UNDERCURRENTS 4x6" $35.00/includes postage

BEADED FLOWER 4x6" $35.00/inc. postage

LUCK O' THE IRISH 4x6" $35.00/inc. postage

PEACOCK 4x6" $35.00/inc. postage

SILVER KEY 4x6" $35.00/inc. postage

FLUTTERBY 6x6" $45.00 incl/postage


Gerrie said...

I have done this in the past and this morning while reorganizing my studio I put some pieces in a pile that might need deconstruction and repurposing.

Nikki said...

Love the colors and the textures. I often will create a larger piece with the intention of cutting it up and creating smaller works and always have a fun time doing it.

Lisa Walton said...

Thanks for giving me the impetus to deconstruct. I have a couple of shockers that really need to be attacked.