Saturday, October 03, 2009

Glorious Morning Glories

We had a raised flower bed added to the front of our deck last spring. I decided to put up some wire fencing and plant a wide variety of Morning Glories to see what would happen.

What I've learned:
1. Too rich a soil makes for lots of huge leaves, that hide many of the flowers.
2. I like some of the flowers better than others - not sure why...
3. The huge white-with-blue-stripes Morning Glories look out of place with the others.
4. The multi-colors are interesting to see, but not necessarily the best arrangement for the plants
5. Too many seeds leads to much congestion and some strangulation...
6. I'm glad I did it - maybe it will help me decide what to plant there NEXT year!

Here are a few more images - close-ups of some of my favorites. The one below is one of those large white-with-blue-striped flowers - they measure a good 4-5" across, dwarfing the other 'normal' morning glories.

Note the interesting pattern of water drops after a rain.


Fiesta said...

Pat they are exquiste,. Will they make enough seeds to share?

Pat's Place said...

Hi, Fiesta ~
I would expect to have seeds and a lot of them. However, I've never tried to save and/or share them before - just let them reseed to the garden! There's a first time for everything!