Friday, February 19, 2010

Rural Winter Snow Scenes + Buggies

The Hearse
Yesterday we took one of my sewing machines to the "local" Bernina dealer (50 miles away in Mifflinburg, PA!) for routine servicing. We stopped for lunch at The Carriage House (at least I think that is the name of the restaurant...) where many 19th c antiques decorate the entire site. Mifflinburg was THE place from which to order a buggy in the 1800's and the town is still known as "the Buggy Town." There is a buggy museum dedicated to preserving the town history and the city codes require that the 19th c appeal of the town be maintained.

This was our destination:

Here are some photos from the restaurant's collection of buggies and sleighs.

The wonderful stairway outside the restaurant:

Much of central PA is home to both the Mennonites and the Amish, as well as many other religious communities. Buggies and carts are still wide-spread, as you can see below.

The following photos were taken from the car as my husband did the driving back home.

The region is dotted with old log homes, some have obvious additions, others are less conspicuous insofar as additions go.

A wall mural in the town of Milheim, PA depicting life there:

The round barn north of Boalsburg:

And Spunky was waiting for us as we drove in the driveway.


abucketofsunshine said...

love the photos, looks alot like home for me, not too far in Paradise Pa. Have a great day neighbor!

Pat's Place said...

Ah, but Paradise got a LOT more snow this winter than we've had further to the north and a bit west of you. But there's the possibility of another BIG SNOW this coming week - will you get more once again, or will it move further up the coast and hit our neck of the PA woods???

I'm enjoying it, being a Minnesota native - but driving in wind-blown snow on the road is no fun...