Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 2011

Baby Quilt #1 - 2009

2011 - as a child, this date seemed an eternity away...something I'd never witness. Yet here we are in 2011 and thriving still.

This year I'll be doing more art for fun, not for "work." I'll draw, paint, sew and generally be creative in any way that presents itself to me. Is this a New Year's resolution? No. I don't believe in "resolutions." They focus on "thinking about and/or want but not so much on "doing." But I have made a decision and I'm acting on it.

So far, I've made myself a new watercolor chart using Daniel Smith watercolors. The new wc paints are so vibrant, exciting, as well as nuanced - much moreso than my 20-30 year old Windsor Newton watercolors. Mind you, Windsor Newton wc were the BEST back in those days and they are still very, very good. They, too, have developed new colors and have expanded their offerings. But my sister, a prominent watercolorist now living in Mesa, AZ, uses Daniel Smith ever since her years living in Vancouver, WA. Thus, I've been duly introduced and have become excited about this brand.

I've also begun a new baby quilt for a grand-niece who is expected to arrive in early February. I made a baby quilt for her 1+ year old brother as well as her two cousins over a year ago. Fortunately, I cut enough pieces to be able to construct another quilt (or 3) with the spares. However, I did have to add PINK blocks to the mix for this new little girl!

It's a simple square block pattern with a small Laurel Birch panel in the center.

It shouldn't take too long to sew, but the quilting will take some time since I need to take long breaks between sewing sessions to protect my shoulder.

In searching for the baby quilt left-overs, I came across an old quilt top from the 1990's featuring a weird arrangement of stars, blocks, hexagons, etc. It will be perfect for the eldest brother of the grand-niece + nephew above, who is the son of my nephew's wife. He is about 7 years old and loves Star Wars, etc. It's not quite the size of a twin bed, but much larger than a lap or crib quilt so it should be perfect for a little boy.

So. The projects are out. Beginnings have been made. Here's to a very good year!

The 2nd & 3rd baby quilts made in 2009 for various grand-nephews from which I had left-over blocks for the new quilt:
Baby Quilt #2 - 2009

Baby Quilt #3 - 2009


Linda said...

Hi, Pat, just discovered your blog and have enjoyed your images. I have also done some quilting so can appreciate the time and attention to detail that goes into your pieces. The mason jar images are super!
Linda Hale

Pat's Place said...

Thanks, Linda. What's the title of YOUR blog? I couldn't get access to it by clicking on your name...

And I loved photographing the mason jars! It was so much FUN! Photography is so much faster than quilting...