Monday, August 22, 2016

Our "Fibers Unlimited" Art Exhibit 2016!

Our opening reception yesterday at Foxdale Village was a huge success. Foxdale outdid itself with the food preparations - photo below! And we were delighted with how many people came to the opening! Lots of questions were asked - particularly "how did you DO that?" and "what did you use to make that?" It was a great party.

Here are the photos of the exhibit following the hanging last Thursday. I'll do my best to identify the artist for each piece. The members of our group are: Tina Aumiller (fine embroidery as well as quilting); Irmgard Lee (color artist extraordinaire); Janet Lindsay (batik & quilt artist); Polly Miller (applique genius); MaryLou Pepe (award-winning quilt artist); Nancy Silverman (creativity specialist); and myself.

By Polly Miller

By Irmgard Lee

Large quilt: Polly Miller; ? (top); Pat Dolan (bottom); Pat Dolan (far right)

Left to Right: Irmgard Lee; Irmgard Lee; Pat Dolan; Pat Dolan

By Pat Dolan

Close-up of Tina Aumiller's embroideries

The embroideries on the left are by Tina Aumiller as is the top one on the long wall, the bottom piece by Pat Dolan; the piece on the right: MaryLou Pepe

Quilt by Tina Aumiller

L to R: Nancy Silverman, Pat Dolan (top); ? (bottom); Irmgard Lee

Left to Right: Pat Dolan & Janet Lindsay

By Pat Dolan

I think this one is by Nancy Silverman, but I'm not sure...

By Janet Lindsay

Challenge Quilts: (L>R) Polly Miller; Janet Lindsay; Pat Dolan; Nancy Silverman (top); MaryLou Pepe (below)

Looking down the hallway...

Both art-quilts are by MaryLou Pepe

Pat Dolan

L > R: Irmgard Lee; Nancy Silverman; Pat Dolan (top); Nancy Silverman (below)

Left: Standing piece by Nancy Silverman; Art quilt by MaryLou Pepe

L > R: MaryLou Pepe (one of two First Night quilts); Applique quilt by Polly Miller; MaryLou Pepe (2nd First Night quilt)

Art quilt by Janet Lindsay; painting by Pat Dolan

Art quilt by Irmgard Lee; Book and Standing piece: Nancy Silverman

Irmgard Lee

Janet Lindsay

Far L: Irmgard Lee; Janet Lindsay; Pat Dolan

Large quilt by Polly Miller; Nancy Silverman (top); Pat Dolan below and on right

Close-up: Janet Lindsay; small embroidery by Tina Aumiller; Pat Dolan

Delightfully arranged platters supplied by the Foxdale Village kitchen staff. Thank you!

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