Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day 2016 + I SOLD a Piece!

Three RED DOTS!!!
Wendy's two pieces on the left are pen and white ink on black paper. My fiber art piece, "Paradox," on the right.

Happy Dancing! I've sold one of my fiber art pieces at the Bellefonte Art Museum! As most of you know, it's rare to sell original art these days, let alone selling fiber art! So I"m super delighted to have both the exposure/opportunity to sell my work and especially to actually sell a piece of fiber art.

The purchaser not only bought my piece, but also bought the two pieces hanging next to it "because they went so perfectly together!" There were two of us artists displaying our work in the Tea Room Gallery at the museum for the month of October; Wendy Snetsinger and myself. I took several photos of the exhibit, which are included in this post.

The team that hung our exhibit did a masterful job of matching pieces together so harmoniously that they appear to belong together!

Now, Go VOTE if you haven't already done so.

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Pat's Place said...

Just came back from our polling headquarters. We have 1810 registered voters in our district - my vote was 786 - high, for most elections! We stood in line for an hour and 40 minutes to exercise our right to vote - and had a wonderful time visiting with neighbors and with folks we've never met before. Even a first time voter and his dad, for whom this was only his second time voting!