Friday, November 11, 2016

Generations of Artist - Bellefonte Art Museum, Bellefonte, PA

The one person who had the MOST influence on me and on my life is my maternal grandfather, Herbert L. Buck (1881 St. Paul, MN-1973, St. Paul, MN), a photographer and oil painter as well as a Mayflower descendant. Pop was taking large format glass negative photographs at the turn of the last century and developing them in his basement darkroom. Since we lived with my grandparents for 7 years, I was the beneficiary of his expertise with regard to photography, gardening, birding, and life itself. For the final 15 years of his life, he cared for my grandmother, who was then an invalid. That is when he began oil painting from his photographs. Pop was fond of trees so it is no surprise that he did many oil paintings of trees, one of which is in this exhibit. Another of Pop’s paintings, a portrait of Senator Everett Dirksen, is in the Dirksen Congressional Center, Pekin, IL. Herbert L. Buck died at the age of 92, at home with a smile on his face…

Herbert L. Buck 1972 at age 92

Long Road Home
Oil Painting 1970
Herbert L. Buck

Pop was an inspiration to me by his work ethic, his conservation of beauty, his insatiable desire to learn, his love of nature and all of life.

Pat Gangl Dolan was raised in a family of artisans and craftsmen. The paternal German side of the family were highly regarded in the printing, tobacco, music, gardening, wood carving, and mechanical industries throughout the 1900s. Her maternal ancestry is full of artists including hair painters, poets, musicians and more. Pat received her BA in art & secondary education at the University of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN. She has practiced art in many mediums, including watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic, fiber, batik, pen & ink. Presently, Pat is recognized for her series of bird portraits, sold through the State College Framing Company and Gallery, Hills Plaza. Her work is in numerous collections in this country and abroad. Pat currently resides in Bellefonte where she maintains two studios – one for dry mediums and one for painting.

Pat Dolan

Yellow Shafted Flicker
Acrylic Painting 2016
Pat Dolan

The exhibit will be up through the month of November at the Bellefonte Art Museum, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

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