Friday, January 06, 2017

Getting Ready for Surgery...

In our efforts to make things as smooth as possible, especially for Frank, while I'm laid up recovering, we are doing all sorts of odd things. Today, Frank picked up a month's worth of dog food for Spunky, plus her allergy meds, from the vet. Spunky has chronic pancreatitis and is on a strict diet necessitating food from the vet. Having it on hand so Frank doesn't need to run any unnecessary errands while caring for me makes things a tad easier for him.

I also went on-line to order some odd products that are hard to find in our local stores. Some of it is dog medication, some of it is for us. I also ordered a few historical fiction novels for reading when I'm stuck in a chair with a sling for 3+ weeks. And, I couldn't resist ordering some watercolor books, while I was at it. The SPLASH series of watercolors is terrific for bringing to the pubic wonderful watercolorists who are developing a new or unusual style/supplies/etc. They encourage others to experiment with new media, new styles, new approaches, new compositions or subject matter from different perspectives. I ordered SPLASH 2; 5, 15 & 16 - mostly used, but in good condition. The books are edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf. You can find a list of her books here.

I've been squirreling away novels for a few months, ever since I finally decided to have this surgery. So now I have a large selection from which to choose my reading material - from Reader's Digest shorties to serious WWII novels to southern US historical novels to light hearted romances. I'm discovering that my right hand is not liking so much time on the computer...or my iPad. So I won't be doing to much of either - despite my desire to stay informed! My right hand is my painting hand and I value it highly. Risk taking is silly, at my age anyway.

And I've already make appointments with my physical therapist, who will be coming to our home twice a week for 3 months to get my new joint and atrophied muscles back in good working order. It would have been good had I been informed 10 years ago that my problem was not simply aging and arthritis, but a totally degenerated bone that would do nothing but continue to cause problems - which arthritis also does, I realize. However, the total reverse shoulder replacement surgery was only initially used starting about 5 years ago - and my doctor says the recovery time is much less and that all pain will cease with this surgery (after the recovery period, of course).

And now you know more than you wanted to, right? It LOOKS like it will be ghastly and painful. And, I suspect, it will be both those first weeks. Inserting foreign objects into the body is not a happy adjustment for said body. But I trust my surgeon and Spirit.

All will be what it will be.

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