Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's Christmas Time in the Country!

So much to catch up on, but I'm in the Christmas Spirit, so the art updates will just have to wait! Did a little decorating today - we've chosen to have a tiny "Feather Tree" as our only tree this year, but it has some of our favorite German ornaments that I've been collecting since 1965. The tree is not quite 26" tall, but she can hold a wealth of memories on her spindly branches. Of course, it's not really made of feathers, but the branches have feathery greens so I guess that's why they named them feather trees. They, too, originated in Germany in the late 19th century (according to Wikipedia).

The little fellow above is similar to the very first ornaments I purchased on a trip to Europe following my college graduation. We always called them the "blah blah boys" because they stick out their tongues when you push the button on the cap. I believe in Germany they were called the Naughty Boys, which seems fitting, as well! I tried finding them on-line to replenish our supply a year or two ago, but no such luck. But we still have a few in good condition, as seen above. Our son and daughter each have at least one or two on their trees, as well. The paint may be missing from them here and there, but the naughty boy can still stick out his tongue on all of them!

Nearly all the German ornaments are made of wood, often with felt, sometimes with curled wood shavings, usually painted. I love them all! I know my father's family never had anything like these ornaments, despite being from the Burgenland region of Austria/Germany/Hungary (depending upon which year we're discussing). But I've always been drawn to German wood carvings, sculptures, and, of course, ornaments!

Above and below, the little wrapped presents under the tree are made from scraps from my quilting fabrics, plus ribbons, threads, bells, yarn, jewelry bits, etc. There are a few ornaments on the tree too, that are made of rolled bits of fabric, tied with yarns & embellished.

Above, the ornaments from our Maine vacations over the years - happy memories of Green Lake and Acadia Park.

Christmas is the time for families, memories, traditions, and so much more. I hope you are creating and maintaining those traditions for your loved ones that have meaning and joy.