Friday, February 11, 2005

Journal Quilt Projects

I've read about them for several years and tried a few times to enter - but missed the cut-off dates. I've taken classes & participated in "art journaling" and "art therapy;" I first learned to quilt in 1979 and I've kept a written journal since the early 1980's - and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

But it's the journal quilt projects that combines these elements into a delightful challenge and opportunity. I hope to be accepted in the most recent request for entries - I already have 12 proper sized blocks cut out from some of my yummy hand-dyed crinkled silk chiffon. My present plans are to try a minimum of one new technique per block, completing at least one block per month. The colors in each of the blocks will all harmonize due to the common base quilt square. It's what I do on & with each block that will whisper the song from my Muse each step of the way...

Even if I'm not one of those selected, I will complete my journal quilt project 2005 for me. That's the whole fun & purpose of it anyway, from my point of view.

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