Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Updating the Progress Since the Last Post!

 The painting process varies from painting to painting - much depends upon the type of watercolor paper being used - and I used 3 different types of paper in the 15 drawings that I'd prepared.

The beginnings: the backgrounds for proposed paintings

It also depends upon the way I want the completed painting to be - super realistic, impressionistic, somewhat realistic, and more. And the techniques required for those choices vary in approach from very wet to very dry, depending upon the level of realism desired. 

As you can guess from the above photo, I usually prefer the wildlife to be quite realistic, perhaps with a bit of a flare on occasion. But I want the background to be just that - background! A vague background that compliments the bird or animal in color either with similar or opposing colors.

Here are a few images of works still in process - #2. Lynx and 5. Bobcat above. 

And here are a few completed: #1. Great Blue Heron

#3. Kingfisher and #4. Fox

And finally, the two loons #8. & 9: 

#8. Loon among the Rocks and #9. Loon in Grassy Water

And lastly, the finished smaller pieces on my studio wall prior to framing.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the process!

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Preparing the Backgrounds for My Paintings

Kingfishers in process with watercolor

I rarely work on one or two watercolors at a time. It's far more often that I draw up a dozen or so subjects on the stretched watercolor paper, then when it's time to paint, I have a large selection of choices before me.

About 15 pieces are stretched and ready to paint

My  drawing/painting table setup

Yesterday I began the two Kingfisher paintings at the top of the post. I like to have light, airy paintings done in loose watercolors, allowing the viewer to focus on the chosen details that are supported by the more abstract background. Here is one of them, not yet signed.

So to continue, these are the new ones I worked on today - just laying in the abstract yet colorful backgrounds to feature the birds or animals I really focus on. This first one is actually an outdoor scene without any birds or animals to be found. I happen to love foggy days and often take lots of photos to capture the transient and ever changing nature of fog. Here is how I've laid in the background thus far. I'm not sure if I'll add to this or begin working on the trees... Time will tell!

The photo above the painting provides the inspiration for what will follow here. The fog had several layers that I want to capture before I add the detailing of the distant trees.

Next, I want to capture this winter Bluebird in the snow, a photo taken outside my porch in the cherry tree. It was so cold, windy and snowy, I wanted to create those elements as the backdrop for Mr. Bluebird. So I used two types of salt to absorb the color.

Flipping that one upside down, I had a second drawing of a House Finch in autumn. To create an autumnal background, I chose the warmer oranges, yellows, plus a bit of green.

Then is the fox - settled nicely in the foxy colors that they so well blend in with when out in the wild. Tall weeds and grasses in warm, golden hues.

This last  one for today is a darling little chipmunk. I'm not at all sure why I've chosen the blues for his background, but there you have it. Artistic license!

Tomorrow is another day - and maybe the sun will come out and warm up the studio! Hope you enjoyed seeing the beginnings of some watercolor paintings. Questions and comments welcome!

Saturday, January 07, 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

Just a sampling of the 40 pieces of art created and sold this past year!

Greetings and salutations to all on this wintry day. The laundry is done, the dishes are done, the Christmas things are mostly down, my business taxes are filed - whew! The birds are snatching up the seeds as tiny white flakes spin down from above. And I'm free to play catch-up here, for a change.

2022 was a great year for sales of my watercolors. Over 40 framed pieces sold between the Bellefonte Art Museum, Art a la Carte, and The Gallery Shop in Lemont. That's truly exciting. Lots of prints were sold last year, too. So I've been able to keep my supplies coming in and my paintings going out - with a bit of a profit, to be sure.

And what are my thoughts about the coming year...?  Perhaps to broaden my subject matter to include more types of wildlife. And maybe to expand on my trial efforts using gold metallic paints/inks with the watercolors... Possibly to add some details to the background with pen & ink... and more mixed media, perhaps.

I chose a special frame with gold detailing to accent the gold moon behind this mockingbird

This is Merlin, a mixed media mounted on a panel, which then was varnished numerous times before painting. No glass is required when this method of finishing is used.

So far, I have limited myself to two sizes of framed work, making it easier to order bulk frames to meet my needs. I have experimented with a few new sizes - including a small square frame, which worked out nicely with some petite paintings.

My studio is in the process of returning to being my studio, after spending several weeks as the Christmas storage room for gifts, wrapping papers, ornament boxes - not to mention the bird seed, my indoor plant shelf, new frames waiting to be used, numerous drawings on 300# Arches watercolor paper awaiting my paint & brushes to come to life.

I'm looking forward to cleaning out the boxes and getting back to painting once again. May you all be looking forward to new opportunities for love, laughter, and contentment as we move into 2023!

Monday, November 07, 2022

HOLIDAY SHOPPING for Songbird Art!

Christmas Cardinals

In preparing for the holidays, I've created a series of 4x6" prints (matted in 8x10" mats and sold in plastic envelopes) from my original bird paintings. There is a good selection of song birds available, plus a few raven prints.

More Christmas Cardinals plus One Raven

And a set of 3 Carolina Wrens - can be purchased as a set or separately:

Followed by various USA songbirds, 2 Ravens, and a baby Crow:


The group below are square prints, matted in 8" square mats for $25/each.

Each print sells for $32.00. However, if multiples are purchased, a reduction will be made for such sales. The prints can be sent anywhere in the USA by US Priority Mail Envelop for $10.00 per envelop.

If you are interested in making a purchase, you may contact me via my Facebook page, using Facebook Messenger to ask questions, select a print, provide the mailing address and arrange payments via PayPal

Here's wishing you an easy shopping season and joyous holidays!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

As October Draws to a Close


October 2022 in Central PA

It's been a super busy year here. Lots of changes, additions, switches, flip-flops, and more. But things are settling down into a "normal" of some sort. The seasons are changing on time, life has patterns again, and all is well at our house in Central Pennsylvania.

I've added another location for my work to be exhibited and sold: The Gallery Shop in Lemont, PA. So there are three locations where one can purchase original art, including my paintings. Art a la Carte in Bellefonte and TwigaThe Bellefonte Art Museum's Gift Shop.

At this time of year, the Bellefonte Art Museum hosts an annual Holiday Art Show & Sale. I will have two pieces hanging in the exhibit - shown below. And my 8x10" prints will also be available for purchase at the show. "Meadowlark Singing" and "Raven in the Grass #2" - framed watercolors measuring 14" wide x 11" high.

I also have new work at both Art a la Carte (on-line sales available) and The Gallery Shop. Here are a few of the pieces available at these locations.

These last two have metallic watercolors added to them for a slightly different effect. I'm enjoying trying some new products and new ways of displaying my work. More on that next spring!

The next two month will be a little slow-down time for my artwork. Real life intrudes with holidays and so much more. But I'll be back after the new year to update my blog. Meanwhile, anyone interested in purchasing my artwork from me personally, can send me an email and we can go from there. I can mail things out via USPO Priority Mail in secure packaging, if requested.

Have a wonderful holiday season! See you again in 2023!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Busy, Busy, BUSY!

Greetings, all. Been so busy with family and creating watercolors for the three shops I supply with my work - I haven't even thought about my Blog!

Well, I'll offer some photos of recent work so you can see what I've been doing in the studio. And maybe a photo of who is keeping us so busy this summer! First, the paintings.

Last, but not least, a pair of Loons

At this time, most of these are in one of three shops: Art a la Carte in Bellefonte, PA; Twiga in the Bellefonte Art Museum in Bellefonte, PA.; and the Gallery Shop in Lemont, PA.

My watercolors sell for $88.00 for an 8x10" framed piece and $$138.00 for 11x14" framed pieces.

Art a la Carte accepts phoned in orders for their merchandise and will mail orders for addresses in the USA. Merchandise includes paintings, jewelry, quilted table runners, felted table toppers and cards, wood carvings, soaps, and so much more. Here is the website:
The phone #:  814-355-1590

And our summer adventures involve our great-granddaughters who currently live with us and their mom. Since mom works and school is not in session, the girls are keeping us busy!

As you can see, we're having a delightful summer full of laughter, battery swimming fish, Pok√©mon, bubble-guns, and more! There are way more electronic games than we've ever even heard of, and when they are discussing them, we have no clue what they are saying! 

Hope you are enjoying your summer and creating fun times for yourself and your family, too!