Saturday, May 12, 2007

More Spring Flowers

I really AM doing some artwork, too! And maybe I'll post some of those photos later this week. I'm making two Power Point presentations of step-by-step processes for the Kansas Art Quilter's show at Sabatini Gallery in Kansas City. Meanwhile, enjoy my gardens!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

House Wrens Building a Nest

The fancy resin birdhouse did not attract any birds whatsoever in the first location it was hung. Now that the birdhouse has been moved to a different tree, House Wrens immediately started building their nest. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Trip to the Garden Center

Sometimes things in New Jersey still amaze me. A trip to the local garden center last week certainly fits in that category. Who knew what sorts of things are now sold in "garden centers?" Not I, said the little red-head... Here are a few photos to demonstrate the very "latest" in garden center sales. Mind you, the flowers were lovely, but the other paraphernalia was way beyond my limited expectations. Doesanyone really want/need a life-sized horse in their garden??? Or a $400.00 imitation doll house? Or a gigundo wire bird-cage??? I didn't notice the price ofthat item...

And then there were the orchids... ahhhhhhhhhh.........

Oh, by the way, I did buy what I came in for - a bird house. I had thought I'd get a simple little wooden wren house - which was priced at $12.99, about twcie what I paid a couple of years ago. The birdhouse I bought was also $12.99 - and not exactly "simple." It's a bird-house version of a McMansion!

It's been up for three days now, and not a single bird has gone anywhere near it...