Sunday, April 17, 2005

Favorite Room...

Our Web-Ring mistress has asked another question for this week - what is my favorite room in the house, and why... I've never really thought about it before but now that I am, I realize I like different rooms for different reasons.

My favorite-most, FAVORITE room in our home is the studio. When we downsized from an expanded ranch to a town house, I insisted on having the largest room as my studio - no matter what that room turned out to be. Well, it happens to be the living room! Since there is a family room with a fireplace at the back of the house, the living room became my office and studio. I have 3 north-facing windows for lots of daylight, plus I open the front door a lot to let the morning sunshine stream into the room.
The room is probably 12' x 15' so I'm a lucky duck, indeed. Mind you, the dining room is across the entry hall - so it has become my 'secondary' work space - where the ironing board & second sewing machine reside unless we're having company. (lucky duck, right?!) I have a large design wall, which I love. In front of the wall are 2 units of 6 x-ray drawers in each unit - that are topped by a beautiful, polyurethaned piece of wood. That is my cutting & work table for most things. Next to the x-ray drawers stands a huge white wardrobe that I bought at Lowes - it boasts 5 wide & deep shelves between which I have added extra support uprights in the center so they don't collapse under the weight of all the fabric.

Back in the 1990's, our son took an old painted white vanity & cut it apart leaving 2 units of 3 drawers each where I keep my machine accessories, scissors, some extra sewing sandwiches for testing stitching/tensions, basting pins, etc. He joined the 2 drawer units with a super-sized 3 x 5' tabletop with a cut-out for my machine. The machine is set-in flush with the work surface, making machine quilting as easy as it can get. The sewing table is in front of the north-facing windows - great daylight & well-lit at night, too. I have a lovely white wicker chair at the sewing table, which I turn around to face the room when I'm reading, researching or visiting with someone in the studio.

On another wall is a tall filing cabinet (for teaching & genealogy materials); a huge white bookcase fille


Sonji Hunt said...

Beautiful studio(so very tidy) and such a lovely home...lots of windows and a good view.

Pat's Place said...

As one who suffers with depression, it is a top priority to find/create a home with lots of windows providing excellent lighting, and close to or immersed in nature. Sunshine and wildlife are my favorite healing tools in my self-designed, holistic health tool kit! After those two comes playing in the studio!