Monday, April 11, 2005

Limerick Quilt Update!

Well, the Limerick quilt just wasn't done. It didn't look completely finished to me... Do you know that feeling when something is missing in a creation, but you can't quite name it? I looked through my small bag of foreign coins for an Irish coin or two to attach to the quilt, but there were no Irish coins already drilled with a small hole for stitching purposes. Sadly, I went to bed, somewhat unsettled - but happy that the slides & digital photos all were completed. And knowing the quilts needed to go to Kansas ASAP.

When I awoke this morning, I was all set to label the quilts and pack them for shipping. Then a glimmer of an idea for embellishing the Limerick quilt popped into my head - I could take some Irish stamps and a small County Limerick map and find a way to attach them to the quilt! When I laid the selected items on the quilt, they looked perfect! Now all I had to do was to figure out HOW to safely attach the paper objects to the cloth...

Using a Liquitex Matte Medium, each side of the paper objects was brushed separately, allowing the items to dry in between coatings. Then I used some new YLI fine metallic thread in the sewing machine & stitched each item down where it seemed to belong. Lo and behold, the Limerick quilt was finally & completely done!

The quilts were then labelled, wrapped in plastic with bubblewrap to prevent creases, placed carefully in the box, sealed, signed & delivered to the US Post Office for shipping to Linda Frost in Lawrence, Kansas. Yeehaw!!!

I'm ever so much happier with the finally-finished Limerick quilt than I was with the quilt as it was last night. Sometimes the smallest attention to detail provides the crowning glory for a piece. That seems to have worked its magic for my County Limerick Quilt, 2005.

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