Sunday, April 10, 2005

New Quilts

New Quilts…

In early March or so, Linda Frost - from Kansas Art Quilters, sent me a shoebox full of 1/3 and ¼ size pieces from the 2005 new designs from FabriQuilt fabrics. The assignment was to create a 20” x 20” quilt from the FabriQuilt fabrics for the company to display in the upcoming Kansas Quilt Market. A second option was to create a 24” square quilt for the Kansas Art Quilter’s ArtQuilt special exhibit featured during Quilt Market. A shoe box full of free new fabrics in trade for two medium/small quilts – sounded like a great idea to me!

When the box arrived, I was thrilled & immediately laid out several groupings of fabrics for potential quilts. In fact, within 3 days time, I had designed two quilt tops! Then we got an e-mail offering MORE fabric, this time from the Limerick line – and I requested them by return mail.

One of the home counties of my Irish ancestors is County Limerick, Ireland. Several years ago my husband and I visited the ancestral birth places of some of our people and I fell in love with the Rockhill/Bruree section of southern Co. Limerick – so much like my home state of Minnesota but without the winters!

So I designed two more quilts with the Limerick line and then set about machine quilting them – they are due in Kansas by April 15! I had planned to do some embellishing, but as each quilt was completed, only one seemed to be asking for some glitzy decorations. And that quilt was playfully embellished with mini-shamrock garlands, and the quilt is named “Limerick” in honor of my Collopy ancestors who heralded from Rockhill – and in honor of the fabric line.

The photos let you see a glimpse of my happy month and a half of designing and quilting, thanks to Kansas Art Quilters and the FabriQuilt Company!

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