Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Artist Notebook

After taking a course in fiber arts where keeping an art journal was required, I re-discovered the value of keeping such a notebook. I often clip out things that have caught my eye and interest from newspapers and magazines - things that might lead me in a new direction or help me perfect a technique. Usually, the clippings end up in manilla folders in a file drawer, out of sight and out of mind. However, when an art notebook is 'required' by a teacher, it's amazing how the assignment disciplines me to do what I know is helpful!

A notebook lays around in plain view for easy access. And when I'm ready for a new project but at a loss for inspiration, the notebook is a wonderful resource. It's a great place to tuck those arty postcards announcing art events, that tiny article from the newspaper on one artists style I like, and those little tidbits from the craft magazines that show up in my mailbox from time to time.

Our class assignment required one page for photos, etc. with a blank page opposite for doodling my concepts arising from the bits on the facing page. I like alternating the photo pages so they are back to back - that leaves the drawing pages less distorted for easier drawing when inspiration strikes. I'll put several photos on the blog to give you an idea of my art journal. Maybe you'll decide it's something that would spark your creativity as it has mine.



Caitlin said...

Pat, thank you for sharing your art journal with us all! It's a course requirement for me, but I find it very helpful - and I live in FEAR of losing it, so it has become something as a talisman for me - I can't leave the house without it!

Great idea about the blank page for sketches, too - sometimes I end up with wodges of other people's images *slaps forehead* - this way makes so much more sense!

Logan said...

Great art journal! I'm working at becoming more disciplined in my art, and this is a great idea. I may adapt it to use with small books - I have a weakness for tiny things, so have scads of 3 1/2" notebooks around - I'm thinking seeds, leaves, etc. What fun! Thanks for the inspiration.