Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fiber Artist Extraordinaire!

For the past several days a Baltimore Oriole has been coming regularly to our hemp flower basket gathering supplies for her nest. Orioles work as a couple to create intricately woven hanging nests for their brood, using natural plant fibers as their primary material. Since I had several antique spools of cotton and silk thread no longer useful for sewing, I added some colorful threads to the hemp basket to see if the Oriole would take them, too. Slowly, they have disappeared – not nearly as quickly as the hemp basket seems to be experiencing its losses!

In Native American traditions, the Oriole is associated with the weaving of new sunshine into one’s life. The bird is black and gold symbolizing night and day, among many other things. The Oriole reminds us to connect with our own inner light/glow and to reflect our personal sunshine out into our environment. As a weaver, the Oriole invites us to weave our lives along new, more satisfying lines – to create greater joy for ourselves and others. (Ted Andrews: Animal Speak)

I hope you enjoy my slight diversion into ‘new joy’ in life!


lizzieb said...

These are spectacular pictures! We don't have birds that brightly colored, here in California! What fun to watch.

Scrapmaker said...

Pat, love your pictures...you are quite the wildlife photographer. That is one good zoom on your digital camera. I especially loved learning about the Native American tradition. Thanks for sharing. Jen

Karoda said...

What great quality close-ups! I have never seen that bird...we get cardinals and occassionally I will see a blue jay.