Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Photo upload problems!!!

Well, I've been trying for days now & Picasa2 works fine, but when I ask it to send it to BLOG, Blog refuses to accept me!!! Says my Ul failed to initialize. If there are no other running copies you should reinstall. That leaves me uninstalling, installing, uninstalling...lots of stalling!!! When I get all this sorted out, I'll really WILL have photos up here!


ginger said...

well I have no answers for your photo upload problems but wanted to say good for you on the quilts exhibit and wish I could join you at the class with rayna!!! Ginger

Debra said...


Have you gone to the picasa support site and asked them what to do to fix it?

It's probably some simple but obscure setting on your computer. (like clearing the cache...)... but they should be able to help.

Liz said...

Hi Pat,

Have you got Hello software as well? Because I have got Picasa for organising the photos and then it sends them to hello to send them to the blog, and I have to open Hello and then tell it to look in Picasa for the photos. I don't really understand how it works, but it seems to!

Margaret said...

Hello! I was just surfing the blogisphere and found your site - interesting reading. As for your upload problem, have you tried Flickr? They can host pictures for you, and you can copy and paste image URL to your site. It is what I use for my blog. They do have a limit of 20 mb / month upload though.