Sunday, June 12, 2005

Antique Photo Prints - Stage II

Since I’m still house-bound with an injured knee, I’ve had plenty of time to play around with various projects. Today I quilted two of the prints I made on Lutradur. The Lutradur is rather stiff as compared to most fabrics, so the quilting proved to be a small challenge because it didn’t want to bend easily or fold over, up and out of the way as I was machine quilting. That made for slower, steadier quilting – a mirror of the slower, although steady pace of living I’ve been experiencing since I twisted my knee…

The quilting is done, but I have yet to attach the other bits and pieces of memorabilia that will really complete the pieces. I laid everything out tonight and took pictures so I can remember the proper placement when I come to sewing each piece down.

One other piece I began in Rayna’s class simply did not satisfy me. Using white on white for my background material, I had expected to like the contrast between the printed images and the background. Not so! The painted Lutradur prints came out ever so much more pleasing to me – so I decided to over-dye the offending white. Wow, what a difference! The white on white pattern is in the design of wood grain, which now stands out because of the many shades of brown/blue/beige that I used in over-painting the piece. It’s presently drying, but here’s a shot of that one, too!

I’m really enjoying the experimentation, can you tell?

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