Wednesday, June 22, 2005

ART CARDS - My Very First Ones

I'm having so much fun! I went to Virginia Spiegel's website to check out the American Cancer Society fund raising event she is sponsoring. I ended up buying two art cards and decided I'd donate a few cards of my own. Mind you, I've never made an Art Card before - they are 4x6" large, postcard-sized, mini-quilts that can actually be mailed via the US Post Office. I've heard of the ACT's - the Artist Trading Cards - those cards are 2.5" x 3.5" and it seemed to me to be such a tiny format within which to pack in a lot of stitching. Now that I've been playing around with the 4x6" size, you can bet I'll try the smaller format, too! I've had fun and the cards will help earn money for cancer research. Thanks Virginia! All is well in the world tonight!


Karoda said...

great! a new convert! i'm taking up the self entitled position of defender of the fabric postcards as quilts and art! hehehe

Gerrie said...

These are wonderful. I might have to buy another one!! Let us know when they are posted on the site.