Friday, June 17, 2005

Critiquing - Round 2 - continued from yesterday...

Below you'll find some potential options following various suggestions made to my query of how to create a strong focal point for Ferns + Feathers. Some suggestions included cutting the piece apart to create one or more pieces from it - using it as a background for other work. Since the piece is already quilted, there are some restrictions, but not a lot. I could always cut it up and use part of it for a Journal quilt - in which case none of you have seen this, right?! And I could make a whole series of ACTs!!! I'd still have to create a focal point for each, however...

After some feedback from the group - and some time for a new idea to percolate more fully - I'll share what it is that I'm planning somewhere in the recesses of my mind. It may take a few days to crystalize and another day or so for me to verbalize what I'm half thinking. But it will be worth the wait. I hope... :)

Thanks in advance for any and all comments, suggestions, critiques, and compliments. I've thoroughly enjoyed this process and am inspired to reach deeper to find a wonderful solution. SO, read on - make your thoughts public, don't just sit on them at home lurking. I'm asking for help here, and I'm not known for good design skills. Good ideas, maybe. But composition and design - those I'm still learning. I look forward to pros and cons, wild notions and tame ones. Lets get creative together for round 2 of Ferns + Feathers critiquing!

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