Saturday, June 04, 2005

Down (temporarily) But Not Out!

Several weeks ago I twisted my left knee while pulling everything out from under the kitchen sink. And no, that’s not a joke! We had a plumbing leak spilling out onto the hardwood kitchen floor. At first, the knee-cap popped out of place – but I could push it right back in, and so I did. However, in compensating for the pulled muscle popping my knee-cap, I managed to strain some other muscles in my leg – some of which are now in a constant state of spasm. One doctor visit, a set of x-rays, and several days of total rest and I’m still somewhat limited.

There were 6 quilts (almost) ready to be dropped off for the State Quilt Guilt of NJ show next weekend in Edison – but they never made it to the drop off site. I hadn’t yet made all the appropriately marked pillow cases, nor finished the binding on one of them… Dear husband would have delivered them, but alas, they were not ready.

Sometimes when I think I know what I’m doing and I think I recognize what is intrinsically important, I am brought to the awareness of the absurdity of the concept of “knowing.” I can feel so certain, stand so firm, and even do what ‘must be done,’ only to discover that other plans are silently materializing and inviting me into a totally different understanding of the present moment.

So today I enjoyed listening to the bird songs – I counted 11 different bird species singing to me from the woodlands. I heard the warning ‘huff’ of the deer in the forest, the first cricket and the first bull frog of the season – all of which I would have missed had I been busily sewing in my studio. I basked in the warm sunshine and cool breezes coming out of the forest, and I was grateful for my honey, my girlfriends, the telephone, a good book, and the heating pad – among so many other things.

Do I regret not having finished the two quilts? Of course. But they will be completed in good time – just not in the timing I had planned. Do I regret that none of my quilts will hang in our state quilt show? Yes, but I will have one in the Fiber Revolution Special Exhibit there because that one was mailed out a week ago. It’s an older one, but of the garden theme requested by the show. Actually, it’s called “Summer Goldfinches.” Maybe I’ll attach the photo as it represents the beauty of the woodlands behind our home.

The weekend remains full of promise. And although tomorrows particular ‘promises’ remain hidden from me, I’m sure I’ll discover them along the way. I found them all today - or at least some of them. I'm sure I'll find more tomorrow!

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