Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ferns + Feathers - work in progress (22x36). HELP!
copyright Pat Dolan


Karoda said...

This piece screams for more texture to me...I would add some foiling and beading or how about adding an image of a dove as a quilt motif????

tdp521@yahoo.com said...

I really like the colors, and the "allover" quality of the piece, but it seems to me that it needs a focal point - how about a single larger fern leaf in a brighter or darker red or orange? (Something with some contrast). Or maybe an arrangement - make the "wallpaperness" work as a background.

Gerrie said...

This basically needs color help. Some complementary colors used as embellishment, maybe? Maybe even some blue or black frames placed around the piece with the fabric showing through - to break up the monotone of the piece - which is beautiful, but it needs to be set off somehow.