Saturday, June 18, 2005

Possible/Probable Solution...

Thanks to each of you who responded on list or privately to my critique request. I found something of value in each comment and very much appreciate your time and interest.

The probable solution I’ve been mulling over in my head for a few days now is this: create a single large fern image on deep blue fabric which will then be reverse appliqu├ęd to the quilt (a la David Walker) slightly off- center. Then I will add a thin layer batting and another backing to the entire piece. Finally, using vibrant/sparkly threads and machine quilting, bring out the enlarged fern design with the quilting.


Debbie said...

Beautiful work! From a QA lurker . . .

I know that a lot of comments have been regarding texture. I think the quilt would look great with some foil/metallic feather motifs, perhaps in a purple or blue color, maybe with tulle over to help them integrate.
Or, you had mentioned using some geometric solid stripes in an earlier post. Maybe to make the effect less jarring, use a teal/aqua rather than black and fringe/fray the edges, which would also reference the feather motif.
Been thinking about this alot . . . lol. Please keep the pics and updates coming!

Sincerely, Debbie

Pat's Place said...

Thanks, Debbie –

I forgot to mention in tonight’s posting that I also added foil to some of the circles in “Going In Circles.” Will go back and edit the post, thanks to you! It did jazz it up, add a slightly different quality/texture to that piece, which was as “wall-paper-like” at one time as is “Ferns + Feathers” as I write!

I’m amazed at how many folks DID come to the Blog and did leave comments there, or send them privately or through the QuiltArt listing. Maybe not a high percentage of what I’ve just learned is a membership of 2000!, but great enough for me to feel like I’m finally a belonging-member of the group.

Are we all this vulnerable? Just knowing you’ve actually spent some real time thinking about MY problem is uplifting!

Thanks. Pat