Saturday, June 25, 2005

Transforming Old Art Into New Art!

OWL 4x6” Fiber Art Postcard
SOLD to Karey Bresenhan for the Collection of Quilt Festival - Houston and Chicago

Allison Schwabe was absolutely right when she wrote on our QuiltArt mailing list that not every piece we create is worthy of being exhibited. In MHO, some are not even worthy of being completed! Yet all do have some redeeming characteristics, along with their flaws - just like people.

In 2003, I made an art quilt entitled "Autumn Owl" and was 28”w x 32”l. I had attempted to depict an owl partially hidden in the autumn foliage, peeking out as though to say, “See me now. See me not.” He is heavily machine embroidered over my hand-painting, and was reverse appliquéd to the foreground. Various other fabrics dance across the surface of the quilt to mimic the leaves dancing in the breeze at sunset. The dark evening sky was also reverse appliquéd. Alas, the quilt never really lived up to my hopes, vision, or expectation. Part of it were very pleasing, but the whole of it was simply NOT working for me. It’s been in the bottom of the bottom drawer ever since. Until now.

CREATION 4x6” Fiber Art Postcard
SOLD to benefit the American Cancer Society

This week an unsatisfactory quilt was cut it apart to become a marvelous set of Fiber Art Postcards plus a couple of ACTs. First, I cut a mat with a 4 x 6" opening so I could locate the best composition and create the maximum number of Fiber Art Postcards as possible. Using a white chalk pencil, I marked the best placement for the creation of each 4x6. And then I whacked away with my rotary cutter to form a total of 13 Fiber Art Postcards and 1 Artist Trading Card – with very little extra that was discarded.

ANCIENT MAPPING… 4x6” Fiber Art Postcard

Then began the work of making sure each card was appropriately quilted within the much smaller format, and creating tension and balance in each card with stitching, color, form, shape and harmony. So far, only one card is actually fully completed, while the others all need the zig-zag edging applied. A few might benefit from just a tiny touch of foil, as well.

It's been great fun experimenting with the smaller scale required for Artist's Trading Cards (ATCs which are 2.5" x 3.5") and Fiber Art Postcards (which are 4" x 6"). More tomorrow! Now that I’m into cutting up the old to create the new, I sliced one UFO into several ACTs and Fiber Art Postcards. Tomorrow!


Caitlin O'Connor said...

I admire your guts - no matter how "unsuccessful" a quilt might be, it's still very scary to me to cut it up! These art cards are BEAUTIFUL and you've inspired me to go to my machine....

ginger said...

OH the owl...and the paper...and the quilting...and the nice...I actually like cutting up stuff I am not happy with...feels good...kind of like " take that " ...maybe that is the scary side of me...gorqeous work here Ginger