Friday, July 15, 2005

Two More Cancer Fundraiser Post Cards Donated Tonight

"Owl" 4x6" art card c2005
SOLD to Karey Bresenhan for the Collection of the International Quilt Festival-
Houston and Chicago

"Fall Feather Foliage" 4x6" artcard c2005

To purchase either of these cards as a way of donating to the American Cancer Society, please go to the following website:
Fiber Art Postcards


L. Huffman said...

Congratulations on the addition of "Owl" to the IQF collection!

creativechick said...

My mother would be drooling for that Owl piece you made. It is great. My mom collects owls and I finally did an owl fiber piece for her, of course my didn't look realistic at all. :) It looked like a cariture of her as an owl. :)