Saturday, September 10, 2005

Art Doing Good – My Response to Katrina

"Go With The Flow" ACT 2.5x3.5" cPat Dolan
"Three Moons" 4x6" cPat Dolan
"Autumn Feathers" 5.5x7" cPat Dolan
"Katrina's Chaos" 4x6" cPat Dolan

I have just donated 17 pieces of fiber art to “Art Doing Good,” a non-profit fund-raiser to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. My contributions are or will be posted here. To purchase/donate, please visit the following website - all proceeds go to the American Red Cross:


mrspilkington said...

they're beautiful!

mary m. said...

You Go, Girl!!! Excellent!!!!

Shannon said...

Your quilts are awesome! Oh how I wish mine would look that lovely.

And I *love love* the photos of the butterflies! Especially the blue/black one.

Thanks a million for checking out my website. It makes me feel like it's not all for nothing. Sometimes I wonder why I bother posting my photos on the net. Sweet people like you remind me :)