Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Houston Stuff is Almost IN THE MAIL!!!

FEATHERED FANCY cPat Dolan SHIVA Paintstiks on Lutradur w/feathers

I'm cutting it pretty close, I know, but I did finally package up three separate packages for the Houston Quilt Festival today - but not before the PO closed for the day. Package One contains my Journal Quilts 2005 - the photos of which I cannot post until after the Quilt Festival. Package Two contains 9 postcards for Virginia Spiegel's American Cancer Society Fund Raiser Special Exhibit. I will post some of those.

HAPPY DAYS cPat Dolan Painted Lutradur, colored pencil, machine quilted

CHANGES cPat Dolan Angelina Fibers, specialty yarn, loose threads, quilted

And Package Three contains my special to-be-auctioned fiberart card for the ACS fundraiser silent auction. I don't know if I can post that or not, so I'll wait on that. Meanwhile, what you see here are photos of the postcards that will be availabe at the ACS booth in Houston in mid-October.

HOT cPat Dolan Twisted fabric, fused applique, machine quilted

FISHNETS cPat Dolan Angelina Fibers, my dyed gauze, fused applique, quilted


mary m. said...


Leave those poor birds alone! They need their feathers for the cold winter ahead...

Very impressive...I like Happy Days best.

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