Saturday, September 10, 2005

Open Hearts, Helping Hands

PINK SEAWEED II 5.5"square cPat Dolan

The "Art Doing Good" website is doing very well, with nearly $1000 already contributed to the American Red Cross in exchange for art donated and displayed on this site for this purpose. I hope you will take an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful work that has been donated to be sold with proceeds going to help those displaced by Katrina. To see only items that are currently FOR SALE, go to the RED "Sale Status" column and click on it. You will have all the items that are FOR SALE listed prior to all the SOLD items. If you are interested in a particular artist's work, go to the BLUE "Last Name" column and click on it. You will then have an alphabetized listing of all the artists with their work, sold and unsold.

Here are a few more of my donations: AUTUMN JOY 8x10" cPat Dolan

FUNKY BANANA 2.5x3.5" cPat Dolan
ORNAMENTAL 2.5x3.5" cPat Dolan


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

These are all so beautiful! And you're a wonderful person to donate them :-)

Pat's Place said...

Thanks for your comments.
Each of us can respond to the dire needs of others in different ways. I cannot physically go to assist, nor can I donate nearly as much money as I would like to give.
In creating and giving pieces of art, I am giving my time and talent in ways that most can benefit others - while remaining true to myself and honoring my own gifts and talents.
Thus it is actually an honor to create on behalf of others...