Sunday, September 18, 2005

SHIVA Paintstiks

Our adventures through the vendor section of the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza show were delightful, fascinating, informative, educational, costly, and profitable! Nearly all of us purchased Shiva Paintstiks from Laura Murray's booth - along with Shelly Stoke's book on the medium (which I have yet to open). Mary Manahan wrote this morning and was already experimenting with hers, so naturally I had to get mine out and try them, too!

Above and below are the fruits of my efforts - Mary said she'd post hers as well. I chose to use purchased batiks for the surface upon which I worked. Anything with texture works, so this is what I used: foam stamps, a batik tjap of a bird, cut glass from the china closet & a metal cookie-maker shaper - the kind of cookies that you dip into batter & drop into hot oil to cook.

The process is simple - place your dark fabric on top of whatever it is you are using for a textural effect. Then rub the Shiva paintstik across the fabric contacting the highest surfaces of the textural object beneath the fabric. It's as easy as child's play and just as much fun! I liked overlaying colors, shapes, etc. as you can see from my photos.


Tomorrow is another day - I need to design a quilt for FabriQuilt's booth at the Houston Quilt Market so I don't know when I'll be back posting here - probably before the end of the week!


mary m. said...

Oh no, now I have to put my sad experiments up? Yours are beautiful, especially on the purple fabrics. But I am more inspired now, and will make a few more attempts.

You had to go and raise the bar!@@##$$$%$^%$^%$^%$^%$#^%#%^$#^$^%$6

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Hi Pat! These are great (of course all your work is great...), but I'm wondering how you got the fern impressions. Did you use plastic (or real) fern leaves? I wouldn't think they were thick enough. Anyway, I love them!

jenclair said...

These are gorgeous! One of those wonderful serendipity moments because I ordered some Shiva paint sticks yesterday, and now I can see what I want to achieve!

Congratulations, too, on "Flaming Feathers" - just beautiful.

lizzieb said...

You are just having way too much fun! Great color combinations! Can't wait to see what you do with them!