Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fun in West Virginia

We are just back from a wonderful visit to West Virginia where the leaves were nearing the peak of autumnal color, at least at the higher elevations. While we were there, I crocheted a few arty purses to wear to upcoming artquilt openings.

Brown Purse - sans button!
Our daugther and son-in-law, Chris + Steve, with whom we were staying.
Red Purse with button but missing shoulder strap...
Blue Purse - complete!
Blackwater Falls
Blackwater River

Here I am crocheting on a foggy morning...
Autumn fog in West Virginia...


Trog said...
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mary m. said...

Wow! Great pictures, Pat...your daughter looks a lot like you. Why are the leaves changing down south before they change up North? Have I missed something? Your purses are adorable! People who excessively use exclamation marks use to really annoy me. Now, in my dotage, I have become one of them

Scrapmaker said...

I have fall envy big time. I could almost smell the fog and leaves and feel the crispness, just looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Oh, and the purses are great! Jen

Marlene said...

Great photos, they remind me of Upstate New York at this time of year. The purses are great too, I never learned how to crochet but I do appreciate the final product.