Saturday, October 29, 2005

Journal Quilts - Part 2

Here are the rest of them, as promised.

JUNE 2006 - cPat Dolan
June is wedding anniversary month for many family members - although our anniversary is in December! In the upper right is a wedding photo of my maternal grandparents taken in 1907. Another photo has my grandmother holding her first-born, my uncle, taken in 1909. There is an old postcard behind her - my grandfather was a postal carrier back then. The central image is my grandmother in 1906, the year before she was married, sitting on the front porch. The large photo is my great-grandparents homestead where my grandmother grew up in Stillwater, MN with a sweeping front porch (1909). All photos, except the wedding one, were taken by my grandfather, H.L. Buck, an amateur photographer. This quilt features photo transfers (duh!), machine quilting, and raw edges. I've also left some of the end-threads from the stitching to dangle on the front - threads of my lineage...

JULY 2005 - cPat Dolan
Attempting photo transfers from my childhood photo album on my hand-painted silk. One is transferred, the other transfer is simply sewn down. A playful celebration of my birthday, myself with bright fabric strips, fabric beads, & bundles with a few of Granny's buttons.

AUGUST 2005 - cPat Dolan
I wanted to depict those fleeing from Katrina amidst the hot, chaotic storm and its aftermath. This piece has reverse applique, fused applique, twisted sheers and cottons, hand-dyed twisted papers, and metal foiling.

SEPTEMBER 2005 - cPat Dolan
I needed to honor the spirit of those most affected by Katrina. I chose a black background symbolizing death; hand-dyed gauze symbolizing the fishing and shipping industries; Angelina Fibers to symbolize the spirit of the individuals who left, who stayed, who rescued, who lived in and loved the areas affected; loose black tangled threads to indicate the tangled lives of all those affected; and diagonal lines indicating fallen oil refineries. The colors attempt to capture the light of Love cascading down upon the chaos bringing life and hope to all, and inviting new opportunities for what is yet to come.


Gerrie said...

These are just fabulous. Love what you are doing with photo transfers

Allison Aller said...

Pat, your June and July journal quilts are the favorite of ANY I have seen so far. And I will tell you why: they use the medium in a way that is true to its inherent characteristics, and they are original...they don't look like anyone else's.
These are self-realized journal quilts!!!
Thanks for posting them...

dogquilter said...

Pat, what wonderful work! Very inspirational, thanks for sharing your pics.

Sarah said...

Hi Pat...just wanted to let you know that I really really really like your September piece. The color is great, but more particularly I love your choice of symbols and your geometry of construction. Thanks so much for sharing!